Keep the Conversation Going to Connection

This master class covers something many men take issue with – keeping the conversation. You know how to speak, yet, you find yourself unable to maintain a conversation with someone you meet, especially if you're attracted to them in some way.


Yet, when you talk with friends, you can talk for hours, even days! Why does that happen?


You may be saying to yourself, "well, because I know them, that's why," but at one point, you did not know them. So how were you able to keep conversation going and lead it to a connection?


If you're able to figure this out, you'll find keeping up conversation can be is an simplest piece to creating a strong, lasting connection. But if you can't have an initial engaging conversation, you risk missing out on MANY opportunities – romantic and professional.


Whether you don't know how to do it, are scared to do it, or are just lazy about it, we have something that will change your perspective and results. From here, we're going to give you every strategy we've given our clients for them to be successful.


Introducing our "Keep the Conversation Going to Connection" Training.


In this training, you will learn —


√ How to be a better conversationalist by applying two simple concepts…

√ What to say after hello…

√ 7 principles of maintaining conversation…

√ The "Active Listening and Rewards Strategy" I use to connect with someone…

√ How to become an effective storyteller that can even engage large groups of people…

√ AND...How to get someone's contact information using 5 simple strategies.


If you are having hard time keeping up conversations with women and are interested in eliminating that problem...


Or if you want to create better connections with people you already know...


If you want to connect with people wherever you are with ease...


And if you want me to walk you step-by-step through the entire process...


Then click the link below, and register for this ONE-TIME 90-minute intensive workshop.

This workshop includes access to:

  • Our LIVE online event on Thursday, April 25th, 5PM PST / 8PM EST
  • Over 90 minutes of content-packed training — you’ll be getting scripts to use as frameworks as we go through different steps of the training!
  • Q&A throughout the ENTIRE training — this is an interactive workshop, so bring your questions!
  • The “Keep the Conversation Going to Connection” training replay (unlimited access).


Can’t attend on the 25th? No problem…purchase this training BEFORE the event on the 25th, and the replay will be included!


Thomas Edwards

Thomas Edwards is the creator of The Intentional Self™ System and founder of The Professional Wingman®, He's helped professional men and women all over the world create breakthroughs in love, lifestyle, leadership, and legacy.


His knowledge and unique perspective have received attention from hundreds of international outlets, including Men's Health, the Wall Street Journal, GQ, Playboy, the New York Times, on MTV, ABC, and the Steve Harvey Show.

Please note: If you register BEFORE the live event, the REPLAY will be included. If you wait until after the 25th, you will NOT be able to purchase the replay. This is a one-time experience.


This is your one chance to get high-end training to create connections with people and turning them into strong, lasting relationships (while working closely together with me) for just $197.

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